TIMENSPACE was established in 2016 to partner with small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and sole traders who do not have enough work to justify a part or full time salary for back office tasks and functions.  

We assist small businesses with bookkeeping, cash flow, budgeting, cost reduction analysis; office organisation; business improvement; information management; project management, as well as human resources and compliance.

Our core philosophy is to partner with our clients to find areas for improvement, reduce costs and optimise opportunities that deliver better financial and organisational outcomes. We frame our core services from the business owner's perspective with a focus on streamlining and efficiencies to ensure our clients’ business thrives. 

We are passionate about making businesses work better and freeing up business owners to focus on their core strengths and revenue-generating activities. 


Donna Gilmour

From United Kingdom, Donna immigrated to Australia in 2002. She has degrees in Commerce, Accounting and Psychology, and is an honors graduate of Griffith University, Brisbane. 

Donna’s has over 25 years of commercial experience in the fields of Finance, Administration Management and Procurement for large multinational organisations in Australia and overseas. It is the diversity of exposure within these fields that has allowed Donna to refine and hone a solid organisational and systems oriented skill set.

Working smarter not longer was an approach that was taking Donna from one success to the next in her career and she became unrelenting when it came to improving business systems and processes. She believes it is conducive to developing excellence in people and organisations. She is passionate about the psychological, physical and energetic impact of  ‘clutter’ on one’s mind in all areas of life, from work, to family, but is particularly interested on how this affects our working environments.

Donna was keenly aware there was a significant need and indeed demand for her skills, experience and insights across a very broad market place and with encouragement from family, friends and professional colleagues, TIMENSPACE was launched in 2016.