We are a small team of Business Professionals who are dedicated and passionate about de-cluttering, organising and simplifying small businesses for better organisational and financial outcomes. 

T I M E N S P A C E came about from seeing and experiencing first hand, in all areas of life, from work to family, the psychological, physical, financial and energetic impact of Clutter and Disorganisation. From cluttered and disorganised work spaces, to no systems, poor information optimisation, and spiralling expenditures with no checks or balances, it was a space we thrived in sorting and simplifying. 

It became our passion and purpose to work with small businesses, work from home businesses, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and sole traders offering de-cluttering, organising, information optimisation, end of end bookkeeping, cash flow, budgeting and cost reduction services that save time, money and overwhelm.


Donna Gilmour

From United Kingdom, Donna immigrated to Australia in 2002. She has degrees in Business, Accounting and Psychology, and is an honors graduate of Griffith University, Australia. Donna’s 25 years of commercial experience has been in the fields of Procurement, Finance and Administration Management for large multinational organisations in Australia and overseas. It is the diversity of exposure within these fields that has allowed Donna to refine and hone a solid organisational and systems oriented skill set.

Working smarter not longer was an approach that was taking Donna from one success to the next. She came to recognise that the main blockage to performing efficiently and productively was the psychological, physical and energetic impact of clutter on one’s mind in all areas of life, from work, to family.

Donna was keenly aware there was a significant need and indeed demand for her organisational skills and insights across a very broad market place and with encouragement from family, friends and professional colleagues, T I M E N S P A C E was launched in 2016.