We support small business owners with a suite of back office services that are specifically geared to produce better financial and organisational outcomes. 

We understand small businesses may not have enough work to justify a part or full time salary for back office tasks and functions; therefore we can partner with you weekly, monthly, quarterly or even if you need a once only visit.

You only pay for the services and advice you consume, but retain the dependability of a dedicated and highly experienced business professional.

From bookkeeping, cash flow and cost reduction initiatives to office organisation; information management; business improvement; project management, as well as assistance with human resources and compliance; our services free up business owners to focus on growth and their bottom line.

Consultations are complimentary so give us a ring to discuss your needs and make your business work better.


w i t h  t i m e n s p a c e

The more organised you are, the more free time you have, the more ‘mind space’ you have available to focus on more creative endeavours and the growth of yourself and your business.
— Justin Klosky